About Me

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, I am a freelance writer, contract paralegal, and full-time math nerd. After graduating from The University of Texas, I spent three years living it up in New York City before crossing the pond to attend culinary school in Paris at L’École Supérieure de Cuisine Française, a division of École Ferrandi and recognized internationally as one of the world’s top culinary schools. Upon returning to the States, I spent three years in the trenches as an urban public school math teacher.

I am an active member of the Writers’ League of Texas and a strong proponent of the Oxford comma, foie gras, and urban farm shares. Spelling and grammar errors make me break out in hives and I die a little inside each time a student uses a calculator to divide by one. I currently live in Dallas, Texas where I cook, write, and plan future travels with my one-eyed pug, General Cooper, and his sidekick, Sir Ponceycat.